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1 Hr to Change presents Avoiding Burnout with Anna Pinkerton, in conversation with Nigel Huish.

In Anna's webinar, Anna talks about how to avoid burnout, starting with what exactly burnout is, how it shows up in our life or work and how deeply it can affect us. Anna shares her 5 signs that you are heading for burnout and 12 secrets to avoid burnout having a detrimental effect on your life. 

In this introductory podcast episode 'Improving Self Care', Anna talks to Nigel Huish, Chief Operating Officer of Idom Merebrook Limited, a global engineering consultancy & architecture practice with over 3000 employees worldwide, about stress in the workplace and how to improve selfcare in the construction industry. During this informal chat, Anna and Nigel discuss how the culture of "being busy" results in regular 12 hour days and why working long hours like that isn't as productive is it is perceived to be, whether there really is such a thing as work-life balance and why trying to be the best at everything all the time doesn't work. Nigel also talks about how technology can influence your sense of balance and stress and how to create balance in your own head.

Anna Pinkerton

Anna Pinkerton is a therapeutic coach, speaker, psychotherapist, and trauma practitioner who has dedicated her career to understanding stress, trauma and PTSD. She specialises in helping leaders, and business owners recover themselves and advance professionally.


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