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1 Hr to Change presents Bid Writing with Dewi Hughes in conversation with Construction Coach, Maria Coulter. 

In this podcast episode, Maria and Dewi discuss what you need to do to improve your tendering. This 35 min episode will help you understand the policies you need in place to be successful and is a great introduction for Dewi's webinar on Bid Writing.

If you write tenders in your business, have you ever had any training in bid writing?  

This is the question Dewi asks people he meets a lot and the answer is usually no.  As he put it in the webinar, “You go after tenders worth hundreds of thousands of pounds and you’ve never had any training?”  

This will be the case with so many businesses in our industry.  You can watch the webinar replay to see Dewi’s top 10 tips to writing a successful bid including examples of well-crafted responses as well as the importance of getting across how you add value and what your USP is.

Dewi Hughes

Dewi Hughes is a CIPD qualified trainer, APMP qualified bid writer and MD of Silverlock.

Prior to setting up Silverlock, he spent 21 years working for the Government which included 12 years appraising bids for government funding, 4 years writing for over 50 government ministers, and 4 years managing large European funded projects.

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