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1 Hr to Change presents HR & Business Operations with Heather Stanford-Gould in conversation with Construction Coach, Maria Coulter. 

In her introductory podcast, Heather talks about the work that Stanford Gould does to help business owners transition from doing everything in their business themselves to growing and building a strong team. She shares some of the common mistakes that businesses make when it comes to their operations and where to get support on dealing with your workforce. Heather and Maria discuss why having good business operations benefits not only your business, but also your employees and your customers too. 

During her webinar, Heather talks about the challenges she sees the construction industry facing in the future and shares how this can be avoided with good business operations. With accompanying workbooks, Heather takes you through business structure, subcontracting, contracts and how to start creating your operations manual.

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Heather Stanford-Gould
Stanford Gould

Qualifying as a solicitor in 1992, Heather Stanford-Gould spent the next 20 years working in private practice, local government and legal recruitment.

Initially working in general litigation, she then specialised in commercial dispute resolution. Heather understands how to resolve issues around commercial property, employment, contracts for goods and services and disputes between directors and shareholders; and a whole lot more besides.

Having also run a law firm as Managing Partner and been Operations & Business Manager within an SME, this combined experience means she has first-hand knowledge of the various demands and pressures of running a business.


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