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1 Hr to Change presents Contracts with Sarah Fox in conversation with Construction Coach, Maria Coulter.

In her podcast episode, Sarah talks to Maria about how contracts have developed in the construction industry into huge documents that most people either don't read fully, or don't really understand. Sarah shares how she sees contracts changing as technology begins to play a greater role in the industry. 

In her webinar episode, Sarah covers how to avoid battle of the forms and ensure your terms apply, how to create contracts that work for your business and that you actually understand and that safeguard your business so you don't end up betting your future on a client.

Sarah Fox
500 Words

Sarah Fox is the author a series of books on how to write construction contracts in just 500 words.

She is an international speaker, trainer and contract strategist. She wants business (especially those in construction where they have hideous standard forms) to be able to read, understand and use their contracts, so they can build trust and avoid disputes.

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