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1 Hr to Change presents Mental Health Wellbeing with Construction Coach, Maria Coulter in conversation with Andy Dean.

In his webinar episode, Andy dispels myths about what mental health really is and how developing self-awareness can offer you many benefits in helping you live a happier, more fulfilling and less stressful life. Andy shares tools that will help you maintain and improve your self-awareness and inner wellbeing and talks about where to go if someone is concerned about themselves or someone that they know. 

In this first introductory podcast of the 1 Hr To Change programme, Maria and Andy talk about why Andy decided to start working in mental health in the construction industry and the tools that he and his team have developed to support indivduals on their journey. Why talking about mental health can still be seen as taboo and how this results in the individual ignoring how they are feel, opting instead to self medicate with drugs or alcohol. Andy talks about how too much stress can impact your mental health, as well as simple techniques we can improve our mental health from how we react to traffic jams to living for the weekend and why we should be looking for the best out out of ourselves, instead of the most.


Andy Dean - BS2B

Andy is the Managing Director of Building Site to Boardroom (BS2B). BS2B work with Mental Health Aware UK (MHA UK) who specialise in creating and developing innovative e learning and in person training courses. The courses focus on the wellbeing of everyone in the construction industry something which Andy is passionate about. Andy brings a wealth of personal experience from the world of construction having ran his own successful renovation and refurbishment business and also from the therapeutic world. He qualified as an Integrative counsellor in the mid-nineties and has delivered Health Promotion programmes for the NHS, runs courses in retreat centres, runs workshops and trainings on positive mental wellbeing and CPD mindfulness workshops for the CIOB. Andy has developed a number of innovative courses that target Mental Wellbeing and deliver take away tools that are designed to self-resource and support the individual to better meet life`s challenges.

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