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1 Hr to Change presents Recruitment & Selection/ Coaching Skills with Nigel Risner in conversation with Construction Coach, Maria Coulter.

In this introductory podcast episode 'Getting to Know your People', Nigel and Maria discuss how getting the right people in your business can increase your profits by 25%. Nigel shares his secrets of staff retention, touching on the importance of trusting and training your staff. Nigel talks about why you need to have a vision so you know who you need in your team and also so your team know where they are headed. This podcast will have you asking all the right questions about your employees and how you treat them; are they partners in your vision, or are they just hired help? 

In this webinar recording, Nigel will be talking about how to build a motivated team including recruitment and selection skills, tips for good communication and the importance of trusting your employees.

Nigel Risner

Nigel Risner is a Motivational & Inspirational Speaker, Business Coach and CEO Speaker of the Year. He has also written a number of books including “It’s a zoo around here” new rules for better communication.

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